2003 GM A/G Body Car Show- A Success!

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2003 GM A/G Body Car Show

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Thanks to all who made it out to our 1st annual car show! We had 36 cars show up, and they were all in great shape. Look for an all-GM A/G Body turnout next year-no open classes!
I made surveys for all the entrants to fill out, and we got a lot of positive feedback on the show. What we will change for next year will be that the show will be judged. I will find a non-biased person for each category that knows what to look for that's good and bad in that specific type of car. Also, a lot of people said that they thought we should've had some concessions out there. We did have Texas Roadhouse putting a stand out, but they bailed on us at the last minute, so it didn't turn out well for food. We will make sure that we have some concessions for next year however. I will also assign a person specifically to telling people what section of the lot to park in. A few people parked where they wanted to and not where I told them, so the voting got messed up. That will be fixed next year also. Other than that, the show turned out awesome! The weather was PERFECT, and we had just the right amount of people show up to make the lot look full. Thanks to all that came out. It wouldn't be possible without all of you!

1st annual GM A/G Body Car Show
We had a total of 36 cars show up for our 1st annual GM A/G Body Car Show. Not all of them were A/G bodies, but for the most part, the theme caught on well, and next year's show will be ONLY GM A/G bodies. Once again, thanks to all who came, and our sponsors: Home Depot, Arbor Lane Kennels, Longhorn Steakhouse, Autozone, Ed's Pub & Pizza, and Mike Timms. Thank You! Without any of your guys' support, none of this would've been possible!
Clarence Craig's '71 Chevelle SS
This was the 2003 GM A/G Body Car Show's Best of Show award winner. Clarence did a GREAT job restoring and customizing his Chevelle. Everything from under the hood to the trunk was finished and spotless. His car was very deserving of the award.
Phil Smith's '64 Malibu SS
Phil brought out his sweet 500+ horsepower Malibu SS convertible. This was a contender for the best of show, and almost took the cake, but he still made out with 1st place in the street machine class. Great job Phil, and you just might get that coveted Best of Show next year!
Shawn Hill's '65 Oldsmobile F-85
Now here's something you don't see everyday. A 2-door post F-85 Cutlass based car. All I can say is that Shawn did an awesome job with it, and took his project just far away from the norm to make it really unique. Even though Shawn didn't get an award, his ride is still deserving of high commencement. Good luck next year!
Frank Chapman's '70 GTO Judge
Mr. Chapman came all the way from Illinois to participate in our 1st annual GM A/G Body Car Show. We thank him a lot too, because his goat was a sight to see! He had it restored nearly perfectly, and you gotta love the lines of those early 70's GTO's, especially the Judges. Thanks for coming out, and good luck next year!
Brian Hartly's 1987 Monte Carlo SS
If there's one thing to be known about owners of GM A/G bodies, it's this: They take extra special care of their rides, and even treat them as if they were a pot of gold. Well, Bryan's '87 Monte Carlo SS fits that description on the head. What a spectacular G-body. With less than 35,000 miles on it, and being so original, Bryan was sure to come out with an award at the show. He took 2nd place in the Chevy G-body class. I just have one question for all that voted. Why didn't Bryan get 1st?!
Brian Guinn's '71 Buick Gran Sport
Whoa. What a classic and beautiful way to get from A to B. Brian sure deserved better than nothing at our show, but the voters barely put him out of the picture. I just can't believe how stunning a ride this was to not recieve an award. Well, to sort of make up for that, Brian's GS makes it to the online home of the Indy GM A/G Body Car Club. I'm sure you'll win something next year! Good luck with all future plans!

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